Piano Tuning, Repairs & Maintenance

Piano Tuning Services

Ron Bird & Son offer a high quality and affordable piano tuning service across the Isle of Wight and southern England.

Both Ron Bird and Simon Bird are formally trained and qualified in the art of traditional aural tuning techniques.

Using traditional methods in combination with modern methods of piano tuning allows our tuner-technicians to deliver the optimum tuning for your instrument.

To best maintain the quality of tone and value of your piano, it is recommended that a piano is tuned at regular intervals, ideally once or twice a year.

Frequent tuning visits allow the tuner-technician to maintain a high-quality tuning that is stable and long-lasting and have the additional benefit of allowing the tuner-technician to identify and prevent any issues that may become costly in the future if left unchecked.

Client Testimonials

Our piano is quite old and was no longer holding its tune. Ron took one look it and knew what the problem was straight away. A quick visit to the workshop in Shanklin and a new set of strings later the piano sounds as good as new. Very happy.

Just a little note to express my heartfelt thanks for finding me such a beautiful piano. It really has a wonderful sound and is already giving me so much pleasure to play. It was especially kind of you to come all the way over so quickly to tune the piano for me. Tom the cat has been squeezing alongside me on the piano stool as I play. We are a happy pair indeed! My warmest regards.